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New WASPI Templates for Joint Data Controller Arrangements and Data Processing Arrangements

Following requests from stakeholders the WASPI team have been working with Blake Morgan LLP to develop a new set of templates which could be adopted under the WASPI framework standards.  We believe these will help to enhance consistent Wales approaches to data protection standards.   
We have developed template Data Processing Agreement and Joint Controller Agreement documents and supporting guidance for each.  These are designed to support a range of organisations and are fully flexible as they would not be subject to any WASPI quality assurance processes.  

The templates have been developed by WASPI in partnership with Blake Morgan LLP.  Whilst other organisations may use the JCA and DPA templates, neither WASPI nor Blake Morgan shall owe any duty of care to any other entities and all liability of WASPI and Blake Morgan LLP to all other entities is hereby excluded. Organisations are advised to continue to seek their own advice on the contents and use of these templates.