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WASPI Code of Conduct Consultation

We want your views on a proposal for the Wales Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information (WASPI) framework to apply to become an approved Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) Code of Conduct under the provisions of article 40 of the UK General Data Protection Regulation.

This consultation sets out how the WASPI framework applying to become an approved ICO Code of Conduct would enhance the existing controls with increased application and consistency of data sharing activities as well as providing an assurance accountability of good governance.

We are consulting on:

  • whether the proposed code is clear and enhances the existing WASPI framework.
  • whether the requirements of prospective code members, which are necessary to make the code compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office code of conduct expectations, are clear.
  • whether organisations would intend to sign up to become a code member.

Please click here to access the consultation page which contains the consultation document and proposed WASPI Code of Conduct.

We welcome your feedback and would be grateful if you could share this wider within your organisations to ensure we gain as much feedback as possible from those involved in the regular sharing of personal data and developments of Information Sharing Protocols. 

Details on how to provide feedback is contained within the consultation document or can be submitted via the online form here.

All consultation responses must be submitted by 28/04/2023

Please feel free to get in touch with the WASPI team, should you have any queries -