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WASPI Template Survery


*** Please Note, This Consultation has now closed ***


Following requests from stakeholders over the past 18 months, the WASPI team have been working with Blake Morgan LLP to consider the development of new templates which could be adopted under the WASPI framework standards.  We believe these will help to enhance consistent Wales approaches to data protection standards.   
We have developed a draft template Data Processing Agreement and Joint Controller Agreement.  These are designed to support a range of organisations and are fully flexible as they would not be subject to WASPI quality assurance processes.   In order to provide confidence that the templates will continue to be up to date we are committed to working with Blake Morgan LLP annually in reviewing these templates to ensure that they continue to meet legislative requirements. 

Joint Controller Agreement: WASPI JCA Template (DRAFT)v.2.1.docx (

Data Processing Agreement: WASPI Data Processing Agreement template (DRAFT)v.2.1.docx (

Please note, these WASPI templates provided are designed to be used by a broad range of organisations that are signed up to the WASPI framework. As such, requests to personalise the templates we provide to suit your organisation or sector will not be taken on board. However, as these templates are not subject to the WASPI Quality Assurance process, organisations are free to adapt these, in agreement with the partner organisations involved in the information sharing, to suit their needs.  
We would welcome your views on the proposed templates and would be grateful if you could complete the short survey before 13th November 2023.

Following a review of the feedback the WASPI team will produce final versions of these templates with associated guidance. 

Please feel free to get in touch with the WASPI team, should you have any queries -